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Rodney Fox Shark Attack Story

rodney fox shark attackIn 1963, freestyle diver, Rodney Fox, was taking part in a spear-fishing competition off the South Australian coast. While diving without oxygen, Fox was grabbed around the middle by a great white shark. Fox fought the shark hard, getting free at one point and having the shark return to bite him again. Fox then wrapped his arms around the beast and was taken for a terrifying ride under the sea as the shark tried to shake him off. The shark had Fox’s arm in his mouth, and when he pulled the arm out, his skin was shredded from the bone. Finally, after very nearly drowning, Fox got free and was pulled into a boat. His bones were visible on his right hand and arm, and his rib cage, lungs, and upper stomach were all completely exposed. His rescuers kept his wetsuit on, which kept his internal organs from spilling out, ultimately saving his life. Fox underwent four hours of surgery and received 462 stitches to put his skin back together, but he is still alive today to tell his tale of surviving an attack from one of the world’s greatest predators.

Bethany Hamilton Shark Attack Story

Bethany Hamilton Was Back On Her Board A Month After Losing Her Arm
In 2003, Bethany Hamilton was age 13. She was Hawaii’s top female surfer in her age group and one of the best in the United States before being attacked on the morning of Halloween by a 14-foot tiger shark. Bethany was lying on her surfboard with her left arm dangling in the water when the shark came up from below and bit off her arm at the shoulder. Her friends were able to apply a tourniquet and get help, but she lost over 60 percent of her blood and endured many surgeries in order to recover.

Remarkably, losing her arm did not dissuade Hamilton from surfing, and within a month of her attack she was back on her surfboard. In 2005, Hamilton won her first national title at the National Scholastic Surfing Association National Championships. Her story later became the basis for a big budget Hollywood movie called “Soul Surfer.” (Photo)

Shark vs Camera

Diver Survives Attack By Fending Off Shark With Camera
Conservationist and professional underwater photographer and diver, Russell Easton, was photographing a 12-ft tiger shark in the Bahamas when suddenly his camera’s viewfinder showed a huge mouthful of sharp teeth! The shark bit into Easton’s camera, so the diver shoved the camera further into his mouth and was able to swim away to safety.

Despite the terrifying incident, the diver says he doesn’t think the shark was trying to hurt him; rather, the shark was just trying to figure out what he was by using his mouth like we would use our hand.

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