Bondi Beach Shark Attack Survivor ‘I will surf again!’

bondi beach shark attack survivor

Glenn Orgias surfing four months after the shark attack. Picture Eugene Tan/ Source: The Daily Telegraph

A SYDNEY man who lost his left hand in a horrific shark attack off Bondi beach has bravely declared that he will surf at dusk again, despite the increased danger.

Father-of-one Glenn Orgias was in the water at dusk in 2009 when a 2.5m great white attacked and left him forever scarred.

Determined not to let the fear take over, he was back out in the surf just four months after the life-altering incident, the Wentworth Courier reports.

“I don’t wish that I had been attacked by a shark, it’s a really crappy thing to have happen, but I am content with my life,” Mr Orgias said.

“Would I surf at dusk again? Yes, I would. It’s really important not to let fear control you. It’s just resisting fear that’s the problem.”

Surviving a great white attack

Shark attack in Mullaloo

Shark attack at Bondi

Mr Orgias is now an advocate for shark conservation and his new memoir, Man in a Grey Suit, is more than a simple story of survival.

It is also a love story, as Orgias recounts how his strong bond with wife Lisa, who was four months pregnant with the couple’s daughter Bronte at the time of the attack, helped him overcome a long battle with anxiety.

“I really feel that was the reason I made it back into shore on the night of the attack, because I had so much to live for. If I had been attacked prior to that, when I wasn’t in a good place, I believe I wouldn’t have got in.”

The term “man in a grey suit” is a name surfers give to sharks.

[post courtesy of The Herald Sun]

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